Highway Division

The Highway Division consists of a crew of ten, under the superintendent, that is responsible for a wide variety of functions within the Town.  These duties include, but are not limited to, general street maintenance and repairs; i.e. sweeping, pavement repairs, pothole patching, ditching, sidewalk maintenance and repairs, storm drain maintenance and repairs, culvert replacement and repairs, brush and some tree removal, snow removal on public roads, sidewalks, schools and Town-owned lots; sign maintenance, repairs and replacement; pavement markings at intersections and crosswalk painting; trash pickup from barrels placed in the public areas, general maintenance operations for the parks & recreational facilities, as well as for the comfort stations; emergency storm debris removal; small scale construction projects and vehicle maintenance for many of the Town-owned vehicles, including State inspections; oversight of  the outside contractors who pave our roads, mow the ballfields, parks and cemeteries, tend gardens and clean the public restrooms; and finally to be available for providing general equipment and support to all other Town departments, as needed.

FOR SALE:  Used 2006 Elgin Pelican Mechanical Broom Street Sweeper (serial #P4843S) - AS IS WHERE IS, with no implied warranty

  • Miles:  7,697
  • Hours:  2,304
  • Asking Price:  $35,000.00 (The Town of Bar Harbor reserves the right to accept or reject any or all offers.)

The sweeper is a three-wheeled, rear steer, right hand driver sweeper.  This model has hydraulic broom lift, conveyor belt and hydraulic three-yard hopper.  It uses a 64-inch tubular main broom and 24-inch right side gutter broom.  It is powered by a John Deere four-cylinder diesel engine.  The unit is in good condition.  Service and maintenance records are included, as well as parts and service manuals.

The sweeper can be viewed at the Bar Harbor Public Works Facility at 50 Public Works Way in Hulls Cove, between 7:00 AM and 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday; telephone 288-4681.  Photos of the unit can be seen on this link.