Parking Information

Parking Map
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Map for guidance only. Always obey posted parking signs and pavement markings. Parking rules are strictly enforced. Never park in a manner which obstructs traffic. Never park on a sidewalk, in front of a driveway or alley, within an intersection, within 10 feet of a hydrant, on a crosswalk, within 15 feet of a corner or stop sign, along the side of another vehicle, upon any bridge, or any place where official signs or curb painting so prohibit. Always park in marked spaces when they are clearly present. No vehicle may be parked on a public street or public parking lot for more than 72 hours.

​​Permit and Paid Parking Policy

In May, 2019, the Town’s first Permit and Paid Parking Policy became effective in specified downtown areas.  The Parking Map best illustrates the areas where there are kiosks, meters & signed permit parking.  The Parking rates range from $1.50 per hour to $2.00 per hour with certain high demand areas having 2 hour limits and the other areas with no limits. All major credit/debit cards will be accepted as well as US quarters but no paper money. Paid parking will be enforced between the hours of 9 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week from May 15th to October 31st.  Permit parking areas will be designated by signage and will be available for residents, employees, COA students and a few other categories that require certain eligibility factors.  In addition, there are available free 15 minute parking spaces in 3 locations downtown. All permits are good for one season and will be applied for online, approved by authorized staff and issued by vehicle plate number on an electronic basis by the Town's meter vendor. Free all day parking may also be available at the Conners Emerson school during non-school hours, other side streets that are not signed and at some point at the Ferry Terminal. Island Explorer transportation direct to the downtown area is also available from various outlying hotels and other locations if visitors wish to avoid paid parking and they do not qualify for permit parking. 

For more information about the Council Permit and Parking Policy, click HERE

For additional parking and traffic regulations, refer to The Code of the Town of Bar Harbor, Chapter 194