Fiber/Broadband Study

The Communications Technology Task Force (CTTF) has been tasked with overseeing the 2015 Fiber/Broadband Study Project.

Information about the CTTF is available here.
In addition to CTTF members, the project also has public input to assist and guide the study.

2016 Recommendation to Council

In January 2016,the CTTF recommended to Council to build a Fiber to The Premise (FTTP) network for all Bar Harbor residents. At that same meeting, Tilson representatives, Liza Quinn and John Costa, presented a summary of the report (downloadable below) and answered Council questions about the feasibility and costs of the network. Documents presented are below.

Want to communicate with the group overseeing the project??

We welcome public comment and input. Send an email to or call the Technology Systems Admin, Steve Cornell, at 288-5096. If you would like to join the group or participate in any way, let Steve know.

What is the study about?

The 2015 Fiber/Broadband study grew out of the Town Council's goal to improve broadband access in Bar Harbor, as well as maintain the town's current fiber communications network. The town does not own the network it currently uses, it is owned by Time Warner and use is authorized by a now expired Franchise Agreement.

The driving force behind this study is to determine if the town should build its own network and to possibly use that network to deliver high speed internet access to it's unserved and underserved citizens.

2015 Broadband/Fiber Study Survey

We included a flyer in the September 2015 Tax Bills mailed out to approximately 3000 property owners asking them to participate in a survey prepared by the CTTF. The results are HERE

Tilson Report

The report was presented to Council for review in November 2015. The entire report can be downloaded here

Pew Research Center Broadband Report

Released in December 2015, the report can be viewed here


Documents that have been used to make decisions or were reviewed by the Task Force include

What are other towns doing?

Rockport, ME is proposing a FTTP (Fiber to the Premise) project{A1AB215A-95AA-4E3F-97DD-6937C9D3E1BA}&Type=B_LIST&persistdesign=none

Isleboro is proposing a FTTP project

Provider Meetings

The Task Force has met with Time Warner Cable and Fairpoint about Internet access in Bar Harbor.

  • Download the edited PowerPoint slides from the February 22nd, 2016 Fairpoint presentation. NOTE: The network maps have been redacted and the Internet access speed charts have been updated in this PowerPoint as of 5-31-16.
  • Download the PowerPoint slides from the April 25th, 2016 Time Warner Cable presentation.

 Both Require a PowerPoint Viewer