Why does the old owner's name appear on my tax bill?

The statutory assessment date in Maine is April 1. The Assessor's Office must retain this ownership information for the entire fiscal year that follows. If you purchased your property after April 1, the previous owner's name remains on the tax bill. Every effort is made to forward tax bills to the new owner. However, if you have not received a tax bill by September 25 you should contact the Tax Collector's Office at 207-288-5096.

Why won't the Town send my tax bill directly to my bank or mortgage company?

The assessor's billing address information is used by all town departments for official notification of zoning changes, appeals and other items of significance to property owners. In addition, since mortgages are regularly bought and sold this would increase the chance for a bill being sent to the incorrect party, delaying payment, and incurring interest charges.

If your property taxes are held in escrow, simply send a copy of the bill to the mortgage company when you receive it, retaining a copy for your records.

I applied for an exemption on my property, but it didn't show up on my bill?

Any application for exemption (veteran, veteran widow, blind, or homestead) must be received by April 1 for the upcoming fiscal year. If you filed after April 1, the exemption will not be applied until the following fiscal year.

What if I disagree with the assessor's denial of my abatement request?

You may appeal to the Town's Board of Assessment Review.