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Information Update Form for Boards & Committees (required for reappointment)

  1. If you do not use email you will have to make special arrangements with the Chair of your Board or Committee to receive Agendas and supporting material.

  2. Not required but strongly recommended.

  3. Not required but strongly recommended.

  4. Appeals Board

  5. Assessment Review Board

  6. Communication Technology Task Force

  7. Conservation Commission

  8. Cruise Ship Committee

  9. Design Review Board

  10. Hancock County Planning Commission

  11. Harbor Committee

  12. Housing Authority

  13. Marine Resource Committee

  14. Parking & Traffic Committee

  15. Parks & Recreation Committee

  16. Parking Solutions Task Force

  17. Planning Board

  18. Recycling Task Force

  19. Task Force on Aging

  20. Warrant Committee

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