Public Works Department

The Bar Harbor Public Works Department manages all of the Town's infrastructure maintenance and construction.  This department encompasses road, sidewalk and parking lot maintenance and improvements; the operations at three wastewater treatment facilities and 13 pump stations; the operations of the public water utility; the solid waste transfer station and recycling facility; and Town parks and cemeteries.  Public Works is also involved in coordinating most public events occurring on Town property. 


More information HERE   A detailed schedule of timing is on the last page. 

Lower Main Street Sewer Water and Storm Improvements Bid Documents are below
Contractor Letter
Bid Plan Package
Final Bid Specifications

Solar Array on Public Works Building

288 solar panels were commissioned as of December 11, 2015.  The system design is 73.44 KW with the Town signing a 20 year contract (from 8/17/15) with Revision Energy to pay contractual fixed pricing, adjusted annually, for the energy generated.  The Town has an option to purchase the solar array & system at a fair market price to be determined after the sixth anniversary of the contract, or December 12, 2021.  The link provides current and past generation data collected on the owner’s web site.

Solar Array Energy Production