Burn Permits

Permits are required before burning brush or making a campfire.


Two things are required to burn brush in Bar Harbor: 1) a permit and 2) a daily go-ahead from the fire department.

The Fire Chief determines whether burning brush is permitted day by day, based on the Maine Forest Service’s Wildfire Danger Report and local weather conditions on the island.

Free 24-hour burn permits are available online through the state and longer-term free permits are available in-person at the fire station. Regardless, those looking to burn must call the station (207-288-5554) before doing so.

If the state website won’t let you proceed through the permitting process – with the message “Administrative ban issued by the Town Fire Warden” – it means burning is prohibited due to weather conditions.

Online Burn Permits (through the Maine Forest Service)


Two things are required prior to lighting a campfire in Bar Harbor: 1) a yearly permit and 2) a notification to the fire department.

A campfire is defined a small fire contained in a ring or vessel (such as a metal fire pit).

Campfire permits aren’t available online, but are available for free at the fire station. Those looking to light a campfire must call the fire station (207-288-5554) before doing so.