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Sewer Usage Adjustment Form

  1. Return by September 15.
  2. If you use water outside your home for lawns and gardens, you may be eligible for an adjustment in your sewer user fees for the third quarter (July 1 - September 30). This application (or renewal) must be filled out each season by the customer.

    Please fill out the form and email it to the Finance Department office if you expect to use water outside during the third quarter. The Finance Department will then use an average of your first and second quarter usage to calculate your third quarter bill. This adjustment should provide a savings to families who wish to water their lawns, gardens, or wash their cars, etc.

    You will not be eligible for this adjustment if:
    • You run a business on your property.
    • The residence is used for commercial rental.
    • Your service accepts waste from more than one residential unit.
    • You are classified as a seasonal water customer.

    Per Chapter 165, Sewer Ordinance; Article III, Sewer Rates, Sec #165-7.B.(2)C[2}
  3. I wish to apply for an adjustment in my sewer residential charges for the third quarter (summer usage) because I use water for outside purposes (lawn, garden, car washes, etc.) that does not flow into the sewer system.
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