Ferry Terminal

Select the links below to review information on the Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal.

GEI Engineering Final Report on the Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal Pier Evaluation
The report includes conditions found during the above and below water inspection of the Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal Pier, repair and demolition options and potential future development of the site

Bay Ferries Proposal to the Town of Bar Harbor July 11, 2018 (PDF)

Ferry Property Business Plan FINAL June 6, 2018 (PDF)
Ferry Property Financial Model FINAL May 23, 2018 (Open with Excel)

Ferry Terminal Property Proposed Business Plan, May 14, 2018 presentation

July 17, 2017  Ferry Terminal Visioning Workshop - Presentation with community comments from the workshop incorporated
Questionnaire may be returned to the Town Clerk's office by the deadline 9 am Thursday, 7/20

MDOT Response to Use of Bond Funds at Ferry Terminal 06/05/2017

Town Attorney letter - Proposed Land Use Amendments #12 and #13 Conflicts 05/23/2017

4 Ways To Vote for Article 12 and Citizen Initiative 13

Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal Cohesive Acquisition & Development Strategy March 14, 2017

Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal Progress Report  presented March 10,  2016

Phase Two - Final Report - August, 2012

Phase Two - Progress Report - May 31, 2012

Phase One - Feasibility Study to Acquire the Ferry Terminal - December 5, 2011

Ferry Terminal